Solar powered roller shutters

A smarter and greener way to power your shutters

Our new E-Solar roller shutter system is run completely off the grid requiring no mains power as part of it's installation. This is achieved by the use of a compact solar cell mounted near the shutter box outside that charges a lithium iron battery used to control the shutter's high torque low voltage motor.

Roller shutter solar panel

Benefits of solar powered roller shutters

  • Environmentally friendly using green energy
  • Simple straight forward installation
  • Solar panel mounted near shutter box or on roof
  • Save on electrical installation costs
  • Wall switch or remote control operation available
  • Battery and controller located inside the home
  • Suitable for bushfire zones

Ideal for bushfire zones

Being independent of the mains our solar powered roller shutters are the perfect solution for bushfire zones where power may be cut at any time, it allowing continuous use of your shutter system providing protection from bushfire attack.

Perfect for remote locations

Our Solar Powered system is also ideal for remote installations where power isn't easily accessible or where expensive 240 volt cable runs need to be installed. Now you can have a roller shutter on a tool shed, commercial out building or farm shed where no power is available.

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